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Honoring the Horse Through Portraiture

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Throughout history, horses have played a vital role in our lives. From war to companion animals, they have certainly made their way into the lives of many. While they may not serve as our mighty steeds on the battlefield anymore, they are, without a doubt, important companions that will forever have our hearts. I believe that there is no better way to honor our horses than through art.

The connection between the horse and art

Through their motion and grace, horses are truly the perfect example of living art. In my time as an artist, I have had wonderful opportunities to meet several horses. I can confidently say that no two horses are ever alike. Because of this, we rely on unique ways to capture their meaning to all of us that love them. Author Chelsea Reed does a phenomenal job of connecting the horse to art in her article that can be found here.

I have yet to find a better way to capture the horse than through art. Like many artists before me, I continue to look for ways to improve my work to better honor these phenomenal animals. I hope to bring you a personalized experience tailored to you and your horse. From Western to English and everything in between, I look forward to working with your and best horsey friend!

"Hope" Julia Hamilton 2021

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