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Horses of the West

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

There isn't a more powerful symbol of America's West than the Mustang.

Throughout my art, I often portray the icon of the west, the mustang. From my time in university, I have spent a great deal of time learning about the modern implications of these iconic animals.

The dangers of overpopulation

Unfortunately, mustangs have taken over the Western plains with such force that they are actively destroying the environment. Now considered an invasive species, drastic measures have been taken to rid the plains of the wild horses.

Many of these horses often die of starvation due to the depleted resources. Currently, they are being rounded up and adopted to families, but it isn't enough. With over 800,000 horses in the western plains, there needs to be another solution to manage the herds. Not only are they a danger to themselves, but they are at risk the environment at large.

What is the Solution?

Many solutions have been proposed to humanely manage the herds of these wild horses, however any human intervention could be considered a threat to their freedom. As a symbol of freedom themselves, these horses deserve to live a life along the plains as is intended.

While there is no single solution to humanely manage the herds of wild mustangs, I truly hope that we are able to find a way to respect what these creatures resemble while finding a way to ensure that they thrive.

The Bureau of Land Management is a phenomenal source for all information regarding mustangs and the current status of possible solutions. More on the Bureau of Land Management and America's mustangs can be found here.

"Love Without End" Julia Hamilton 2020

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