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Graphic Design Portfolio

During my time at the Savannah College of Art and Design,  I focused heavily on graphic design. I quickly developed a passion for creating pieces for clients by helping them express their ideas. While working with some of the top graphic designers in the country, I was exposed to a wide variety of techniques and skills, all of which have helped me develop my own style. Outside of art school, I continued my education and practice of the graphic arts. Below is a collection of my most recent projects. 


Murder Mystery Flyer
"WHO Dunnit?"

This flyer was created for a murder mystery event at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center. I worked closely with the agency to develop all graphics so that they were in line with the agency's mission of conservation and education of the natural world. 

"WHO Dunnit?" Logo

In addition to the flyer, I was also responsible for creating the event logo. 

Untitled_Artwork 6 copy 5.jpg
BRF Halloween Fun Show Flyer.jpg

Horse show flyer

This flyer was made for a local equestrian center for the promotion of their Halloween fun show. In addition to creating the flyer, I was also responsible for the entire planning of this event! 

This ad was created for the magazine, "The Horse of Delaware Valley". It is currently featured on their website, which has an article about me and my work. A link to the article can be found below. 

Equine Artist Article

Julia Hamilton Fine Art Ad.jpg

Advertisement sample

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 12.49.00 PM.png

Penn State Western Equestrian Team Logo

 This piece was made in collaboration with another artist who created the text while I created the graphic of the horse. This logo can be found on all of the team's promotional material, and will soon be on their apparel.


The most challenging part of this piece was creating a figure/ground relationship. I was able to accomplish this by subtracting from the horse figure to incorporate the background, creating a cohesive design.  

State COllege Pilot's Club Logo

This logo was commissioned by the State College Pilot's Club. I worked closely with the organization, and they wanted a formal design that captured the many lines and forms that are indicative of a Cessna 172 plane. The most challenging part of this logo was to capture an element of State College in a way that worked with the design of the plane graphic. This was done by adding a subtle shadow of Mt. Nittany, which creates a slight organic contrast against the geometric plane.   

This piece was created entirely in Procreate and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 1.25.55 PM.png

Personal Logo

I created this logo for my art business. It was created in Adobe Illustrator, and is featured on all of my promotional material. 

Hamilton J-logo GRAY.png
Coder Aviation

Logo sample

A logo created for an aircraft mechanic.

t-shirt design

This design was created for the Penn State Western Equestrian Team and sold on t-shirts as a fundraiser.

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