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Traditional Art in a Digital Era

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Many of us are overwhelmed with the ever- growing digital world. I believe that traditional art offers a release from a world consumed by a total digital era.

If you are anything like me, you will value an escape from this modern era. With the many advantages that technology gives us, there is something lost in our connection with others, and even our horses. Through traditional portraiture painting, we are able to establish a connection that is most close to our equine companions.

Why choose traditional art?

Similar to horseback riding, traditional art offers a feeling of closeness between horse and rider. Even admiring paintings gives us the opportunity to become close with the artist and their subject. Unlike digital art and photography, traditional art can never truly be reproduced. It is unique to both you and your horse, and is a direct representation of their meaning to you. Artist Rafael Guerra offers wonderful insight to the global importance of traditional art. His article on the importance of traditional art can be found here.

While I am grateful for the development in technology, I am even more grateful for the opportunities that traditional art has given me to form meaningful relationships with both horses and people alike. I sincerely hope to bring you a strong feeling of closeness between you and your horses through traditional painting.

"Appaloosa Study" Julia Hamilton 2020

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